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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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and him or confuse me flaring across the muslim world for a second fight in a row as casualties mount and protests rage across the region. also on our t.v. angry georgian prout's keep up the pressure over the prisoner abuse scandal while the man who leaked the footage off the jail guard just brutality speaks to r.t. . grafton greece police investigate dozens of politicians for embezzlement and a tax evasion crackdown while the country braces for the latest verdict on its low .
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thank you for joining r.t. where we bring you the latest news twenty four hours a day seven days a week on screen and online of karen taraji well the day of prayer in the muslim world is once again dominated by anti-american rage over the film which mocks islam the flashpoint this time is pakistan where police have clashed with protesters trying to reach the american embassy in islamabad at least three people have reportedly been killed and fifteen wounded when police opened fire on riders who set to cinema a blaze the violence calms despite the government declaring friday a public holiday and encouraging people to protest peacefully rallies are also taking place in other muslim countries here's artie's polis leader with the latest from the region. they're of course protesting against this american made film and the recent publication by a french magazine of caricature of prophet muhammad in the last week of violence
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some three people have died just in pakistan on thursday we saw two thousand protesters take to the city of islamabad today friday there was a standoff there between the police and protesters who were trying to make their way to the u.s. consulate building the army has been called in at the same time we're keeping a watchful eye on lebanon where tens of thousands of people are gathering in heat of a call by that has been a leader hassan nasrallah now those protests are happening in the eastern eleven is the city of baalbeck as i say they are being organized by hizbollah but later today friday they will be in another protest organized by sunni clerics there hasn't been any violence in lebanon but no doubt tensions are running high all french schools in lebanon as well as the ambassador's residence has been closed today lebanese security on high alert the protests on much more than just as they really are calling up anger against the united states that many say has been simmering below
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the surface for quite some time so what we're witnessing is really now the spock to the fire that is seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets in all these cities to really hold the united states responsible for what they say is the worst attack ever on islam. let's get some reaction and analysis from anthony while had all the think tank web site the daily dot com anthony thanks for joining our team today we've seen ten days of protests already with dozens killed across the muslim world how could all of this have been caused by a short amateur clip on you tube. well first of all i don't believe that it is the cause so much as the spark the cause of what we're seeing here today is many decades of foreign policy. interventionist type of occupation in countries around the world the middle east is just another region
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that has been destabilized as the u.s. who really play the role as the front line in the international spread of democracy on behalf of western intel the u.s. has built you know over nine hundred bases one hundred forty five countries around the world spreading democracy at the end of a gun barrel or with drones flying overhead forcing citizens that never asked for the for the u.s. invitation to come to the envoys to come into the into their countries to democratize them is what is causing these these conflicts that you're seeing today this crisis is warranted because of u.s. foreign policy in the interventionist style the tactics that are utilized in order to occupy these nations and create chaos out of which centralization is the desired goal and in addition america's unmanned drones have been carrying out deadly strikes across the muslim world for years why has the practice been largely tolerated all this time. well first of all the people on the ground have very little that they can actually do other than what you see today which is to rise up
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in discontent and how can you blame them for being discontented with what has been happening the leaders who have been deposed many of which over the past decade throughout the middle east have been replaced with puppet regimes those puppet regimes in the day of the internet reference reformations we call it in which we live today are exposed for exactly what they are which are really nothing more than . fictitious elements of western intel that have been put in place in order to supposedly care about the interests of the local people when the drones are flying overhead and dropping bombs and killing civilians at will on people who've never been tried by the way in a court but who are branded as terrorist because of their point of view this is not something that you could expect to happen in america by another nation for people to stand by idly after a period of time so the leaders in those countries are facing discontent by the populace who now understand and realize that they are simply put under the thumb of western intel led by the us led by nato and led by international banking syndicates
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now we've seen flags being flown during these anti-american protests well washington see this as a wake up call to rethink its support al qaeda linked rebels in syria. well first of all i don't believe that the u.s. wants to see that happen i think the u.s. is happy to see it and once again western intel power is happy to see the conflict in the crisis that is happening without that there is no justification for further occupation in these countries and without the occupation there is no justification for the centralization of power in the middle east which is the desired goal so i don't think washington really cares too much about whether they're on one side or the other of the supposed. situation bill do whatever is necessary in order to maintain the conflict so that their their their purposeful on the ground position is maintained and actually elevated so the crisis plays into the hands of those who wish and desire more centralization of power and finally i do want to draw attention to government orders to protest peacefully they're largely being ignored
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in some countries why aren't those people listening to their leaders. because they don't believe in those leaders as being leaders for the people or for the interests of the country they believe that those leaders are nothing more once again than fronts for western power and the us if they're not happy with whoever is city. an office exercising the control and will of the u.s. state department then they'll be they'll be ousted it's that simple so the people i think see that i think they see that you know the leadership in pakistan is it's not real leadership so they're not they're not about to listen to what what their leaders have to say all right inside an analysis live from canada from anthony while head of think tank website the daily belt dot com thank you. georgian government is struggling to save face as public protests continue in reaction to the president you scandal harry flared after a leaked video showed inmates being tortured and raped by guards at one of the
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country's jails the authorities have already arrested several suspects including the head of the facility georgia's interior minister and corrections minister well step down over the scandal prison guards across the country have also been replaced with police officers some georgians are comparing the jail to america's notorious one china mulvey where terror suspects are held and abused parties you've got this kind of reports. this story is continuing to unfold here in georgia oh the interior minister has resigned and our team managed to meet with him a little started all this the former staff member of the group by the prisoner who released this shocking footage of georgia authorities still claim that he didn't know what was going on but according to. this is not the case at all saakashvili was fully aware of what was going on when i was appointed minister in two thousand and five the system was very far from european standards then really appointed
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a low minister and that fellow started taking very tough steps he would change security forces to prison or he would break into prisons and. even the killer himself would often be there with a camera filming everything and then i think he would shoot those videos to saakashvili in. order to show him what kind of person he had this was going to be look as he is now in belgium is asked for political asylum where he claims that georgian authorities are still looking for him while he says that for anyone who wants to work in the security services be police or the jail system in georgia no criticism of president saakashvili is allowed he just did it for entertainment or if an inmate had something to do with politics if he was saakashvili as an enemy he would pick him up this is them is extremely politicized if you work in the prison system or in the police you must be loyal to the cycle
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should be reached no criticism is a right you should either leave or they will feel he enjoyed torturing her helpless people here in town. one city could see prison you are nobody you have no dignity this is why these videos caused such an outrage in georgia this is why all those young people are protesting because also says president saakashvili is purely an american project and washington will do everything for him to remain in power here in georgia the crowd himself says that he decided to show this footage to the world for everyone to see how the georgian leader really treats this it is that. we are closely following developments in georgia stay with us for the full interview with the man who at least the videos of torture and charges danny preston airs later this hour.
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politicians are elected to make tough decisions but in britain they're increasingly needing outside help while the rest of the country runs itself in during recession once ministers finest are splashing out on a league of advisors to help draft policy and as polyploid explains there are some pretty bizarre roles being created zaz the russian empire had twenty six of them but it looks like the british government suppose that number a long time ago here in the u.k. a policy is an individual appointed by the government to find solutions in difficult areas of public policy and according to their research about to be released by king's college london the coalition of government has appointed ninety
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of them over the posterior is celebrities like mary portis his famous for home maker of a television show she was charged with making a very big u.k. high street over the past few years the u.k. government have appointed zaz on everything from enterprise digital communication and even housing but most of them are from the television there are so many of them that they could almost form their own celebrity mini cabinet with serious questions about exactly why these people are being appointed to these roads indeed this government is going to people who. rose to the cool of the ready to. reach and he was very famous for political analysts say that worried about the increasing number of policy advisers amid the coalition governments pledge to cut public spending it isn't just best well a number that's worrying it's a question. competence later this year the british government's back to work sarina
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businesswoman emma harrison who was appointed to help problem families find choice was forced to stand down from her role i made concerns over a fraud within her company critics say the increasing number of cars within the u.k. government points to a deeper question about how the country is run and where the civil servants lack the expertise necessary to do that job properly. more from the wiley world of westminster to come including the deputy prime minister who's discovering that saying sorry sound sincere if that song. may clegg may be slumping in the polls over broken promises but the p.m.'s number two could end up a number one after his apology video got a musical make over this story in detail and more coming up after this break.
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well. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. looking at some jokes you simply do not believe the const peak and good news how they can wrong oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strength in canada and the us they come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like alaska and so i felt at home the first let's go it was brought here from australia and now it's trios come to this remote ration village to take part in the
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race it's not surprising they love it this trail ira mazie. but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here at all it wasn't the tough mushers of sled dog racing who set the trail ablaze but a nun and for all friends who brought their idea to life. five years ago mother put a scare of a bill to dog kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their lives might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training their four legged friends but smother her scare also encourages her kids to become dad hands on the computer and internet the boys who regularly update their website and they're in touch with their busy mother twenty four seven on the phone. but children are the most important thing my only interests not play any rule any more and regardless of whether part of schemas
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huskies window raised or not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the weaning but truly just the taking part that counts. welcome back you're watching r t with me karen tara tree it's time now for some news and brief for you this hour israel claims a failed infiltration attempt led to a shoot out on the border with egypt that's killed at least three militants on soldier gunmen opened fire at israeli troops standing guard at a point where the border fence is under construction the sinai peninsula remains highly volatile an ambush in august by islamic militants killed sixteen egyptian soldiers at a military outpost. a mass grave with twenty five bodies has been discovered in the
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syrian capital the victims showed signs of torture and had been allegedly abducted and killed by the rebels meanwhile fighting continues on the country's border with turkey where opposition fighters seized a strategic crossing on wednesday and qatar responded by. cloying military personnel to the area. turkey is also dealing with problems of its own verdicts are expected on hundreds of military officers charged with plotting a coup they are accused of orchestrating an eventual army takeover through blowing up historic mosques in the capital and sparking a conflict with greece a two year trial is closely being watched as to whether it encroaches on turkey's secular principles of which the military is seen as the main force or. thirty three thousand american troops have been recalled from afghanistan that's according to u.s. defense secretary leon panetta he stressed that the soldiers had succeeded in their
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central mission of boosting the capability of the afghan security forces over sixty eight thousand u.s. troops still remain in afghanistan with all foreign military set to leave the country by the end of twenty fourteen. while gray says leaders finalize the detail to convince global lenders to release more cash police are investigating thirty two politicians for embezzlement it's part of the government's tax evasion crackdown to raise vinyl funds social and political philosophy lecture upon your so tedious believes the new initiative will do little to help the country's economy but later large parts of the political class here in greece are in very strong ties with the business elites well the media elite are the business elites so not not very soon is that this always going to crack down on corruption will bring back some confidence in most. citizens to the ability of governments to deal with their own
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problems i think most of the plants from that part of the grant government to deal with the problem with increased taxation on the group who are actually paying taxes ladies a wage earner and that has been most of the rest of the year in tax reforms been in place. i think they will also raise taxes and on the professional classes that means not torch lawyers etc but the very big problem of legitimate forms or reduce taxation for big business for example for the sitting industry interest will remain in place there over the chair and problem with public revenues in greece has much more to do with the recession around with than with tax evasion. britain's beleaguered deputy prime minister faces a tough crowd this weekend his own angry party it's the liberal democrats annual gathering and they're not happy and getting voter vertebral over tearing up key pledges and submitting to the conservatives in the coalition government nick clegg
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tried a reputation rescue remedy with the video apology but it's opened him up to even more ridicule sarah ferguson the story this isn't close he might still be able to hear the echoes of laughter in the hallowed halls of westminster in the week that thing nick clegg's apology video remake going viral the chief whip in the thought that the public and the local councillor get arrested taken to social media to discuss the fact that something funny used to be going on in government. the video is certainly got a lot of loss but the so-called apology just didn't save the rise in tuition fees it's just the latest in a long line of broken promises and government u. turns and it's losing the government credibility another apology came today from
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the government chief whip angie mitchell he told police offices and in another twist tory brian coleman has been arrested for alleged assault on a member of the public so it's not looking good for the government it is the apologies come thick and fast people are finding it hard to accept some students with the cuisinart struggling to get employment cleaning toilets and as many of being quick to point out it's not just who is struggling in the midst of a double dip recession everyone's feeling the pain with things looking a little bleak in britain right now or perhaps it's one of the if that you asians worry if you don't love your cry but underpinning the humor and there's a serious point being made and that's the coalition government starting to look like a bit of a joke it's not a very funny one. r.t. london. political blogger george even believes nick clegg has driven himself into a corner. but two different lines of this plague and his apology suggest that the
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party should have made that pledge in the first place because there's no money around it would have been too expensive german bands now what song that is saying is well we would have kept the pledge but it was hung parliament that might be good . but it got there actually the lib dems haven't got one single message on this and i think until they so they do then we holler for the brain to take them seriously clegg's best at the moment is that best hope of turning his party's fortunes around to show that they can achieve things for the country and government rather than spend side arguing with the conservatives trying differentiate themselves. i think that clegg is probably finished and that's the party will replace him before the next election so why do disasters. to mars prominent dissidents and democracy are gonna be has become the latest star supporter of the jailed russian
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punk band pussy riot calling for their immediate release. the raft of global celebrities who are backing the group including madonna staying the red hot chili peppers and yoko ono russia stressing the decision of the court should be respected the band members were jailed for two years for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after they pulled an anti putin in the country's main cathedral the president recently told r.t. and he's aware of the case but won't interfere with the sentence there punk prayer was followed by a wave of anti-religious vandalism ranging from cutting down crosses to throwing icons in the same cathedral. daniel we'll bring you the latest business news in just a couple of minutes. culture is that so much time in which of course he's right on economy and so here is a year on we're mostly occupied with stay and visit now just
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a passing fad there was a lot of outrage and even violence but what about. download
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the official ati application. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. now a t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch r t any time.
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welcome to business b.p. rosneft executives have met at the sochi international investment forum to complete their new toy all to correspond admits madrid inka has the details for us. the head of russia's largest oil company rosneft you could say has confirmed today that b.p. is very much interested in boosting its stake in ross net and he says welcomes this initiative very much now this could be done through the sale of b.p. stake in the russian british joint venture t n k b p now this could be an extremely important deal for both companies but notably for b.p. whose expansion progress has somewhat altered over the past couple of years
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especially given that its previous deal with ross so you would develop the arctic shelf was blocked by the russian partners in peace so the people a long time has been wanting to get out of this joint venture now ross never would pay for the stake free market mechanism notably with cash and with its own shares boosting b.p. stake the twelve and a half percent in gross now which would make it the second most important shareholder in gross never and the russian oil giant has always strived to reduce the state's stake in the company so it's in the mutual benefit but we will have to wait until the seventeenth of october to hear any kind of confirmation on the deal being signed because until that day the russian partners in the have a priority in purchasing b.p. stake traders don't like the news rosena shares n l sliding despite the higher
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market generally and a higher price today apple is expected to sell six million new by phone forbes by monday that said that in the opening minutes now the ruble looking to go on a buying offer a pretty awful week but the euro is still flat on the greenback the. best performer in europe no one point seven percent on reports the e.u. is reading a new risk you plan for indebted spain europe today for most stories for next hour and thanks for that update. next the prison warden who revealed the horrific abuse an inmate spying guards in georgia's jails tell his story to r.t. . it would be out if they're just like today on a detox a georgian me general idea made by the guards who is tito's of inmates of the gold danny prison in boise being tortured bloody know that hello has this tortured been
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seeking please how long have you been filming this film. i've been working as the prisons deputy chief warden since two thousand and eight with all of the above all who gave orders who in the government knew what was going on and who kept this matter under wraps. nobody just the chief or it and i was deputy chief ford and he wanted me to film some interesting moments for example when police arrest an opposition activist or a prominent figure is arrested he wanted it on tape probably they intended to use those who he was later against those people i made those videos over the period of a year or maybe six months i'm not sure i didn't meet them in a day or two they were accumulated over a period of time and eventually i had two hours of video the chief warden would take those videos to us and the whole i would take them to the president they used it for.


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